About us

Welcome to our website EarthForGamer. We created this website to give you access to information on new games as well as video games consoles and even plans took him by the game companies, while its on our site. We have created several pages some Vons may interest you. If you’re a gamer PC, Xbox360, Playstation 3 or even that you just like the day and old games consoles, there is a page for you.

Upcoming page
In this page you will have access to a list that shows the majority of games coming to PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. You’ll also be out of date video game and also what console video games that can be played.

In the News page, you have the latest gaming news videos that we will be available to publish on our own site. If there is problem on video games information you can send us a message and we will be happy to hear your opinion.

EFG League
What is the league EFG? This is a clan of gamers videos. We have our own clan and EFG in this page you have access to the list members. You can click on their gamertags and you will have the information of the person selected player and if you want to send a message you will have access to their email address. Is it few EFG join the clan? Yes, but you must be a player of video games. It should also make videos or cause to popularize our products whether on Facebook, YouTube and others. If you want your videos to be seen on our website all you have to join the league and we alons created a page in your name that will appear on the page EFG League and people have to click your gamertags to see your videos games. If you want to join you just have to send us a message.Remember you can be a seuleument players PC, Xbox360 or Playstation 3 to be accepted into the clan EFG. Also, videos including copyright, stolen or even content including unauthorized will be refused. Also, if you caused our production problem whatsoever sending too many videos unauthorized we will send you our clan and ban you from all that belongs to EarthForGamer.
Thank you! Join Us!

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