EFG League

Welcome page in the clan official EarthForGamer EFG. As you can see if the list shows members of the clan EFG. Some specialize in games like Halo or Call of Duty, but they are all players of video games. They are easy to join us, you just have to send us a message at the email on the bottom. If you want information about our members you just have to click on their gamertags and you will have access to their player information, videos and their email address. Like video games, you want to start a clan or put videos online that will publish on our website, you just have to send us a message and tell us which game is your specialty. Just be your specialty in any game on any console video games. If you send us a message and we’ll accept you. Also, we gonna created you a page with your speciality, information and people will can visit and see your videos.

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