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Welcome to my own page, I present MrDeathTouch or even MrNoisyBoy on PC and I am also the administrator of EarthForGamer.

I’m a game player videos, I’m even a fan that’s what interested me a person and that is his that I threw myself into creating EarthForGamer. I started there very I started playing video games and more time passed the more I am informed about everything that is related to games or even the technology that made ​​the future. So, I created site is to entertain people interested in video games that are either Xbox360, PS3, PS4, PC and others. I hope you like what we create for you.

I am the creator of all own organization, production, and account related EarthForGamer. So if you have any questions you can send me messages to the email address

XboxGamertag: MrDeathTouch
PCname: MrNoisyBoy