Slurex is a major player in Halo party is his gamertag SluRex if you ever want to play with him.

On this page you have access to all the videos of his youtube channel.

SluRex email:

Here are the five most popular videos SluRex to see the other you have to go on her youtube channel. By beginning with the most popular of the five.

And all videos are linked on xbox360 Halo.


Battle Royal! – SluRex


How Slurex Chokes


2 Game Highlight w/ Chokes – SluRex


Chill Killing Frenzy


Nice Overkill on Shutout!


Thank you for visiting the page SluRex. You can send him questions by email or his youtube channel.

If you have any question you can send us. And do not hesitate to join the EFG League to have a page like that SluRex.

EFG League Member SluRex

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