Diablo 3


Diablo III is a video game type holder monster treasure developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the third installment in the series, succeeding Diablo and Diablo II. The game is published worldwide by Activision Blizzard May 15, 2012. Like its predecessor, the game is well received by critics and it is experiencing a major commercial success. The game flows and 4.7 million copies the day of its release (which is a record for the time) in August 2012 Blizzard Entertainment announced that it had sold over ten million copies of the game May 2013, Blizzard publishes some statistics, including 14.5 million unique players that played Diablo III and 2.1 million players per day on average, with a peak of 5.8 million.

On 20 February 2013, Blizzard announced at the conference presentation of a Sony PlayStation 4 release of the game on the PS3 and PS4.


Diablo III takes place in the imaginary world of fantasy type Sanctuary already developed in the first two games of the series. The story begins in the kingdom of Khanduras 20 years after the events described in Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, which told how an adventurer was able to defeat the demon Mephisto, Diablo and Baal after their return to the world of men .

These three demons were indeed banished from Hell by their subordinates and then exiled to the human world of Sanctuary. They then sowed discord and destruction in the realms of East until a mage clan called Horadrim and led by the Archangel Tyrael manages to defeat them. The Horadrim shut up three demons in « stones of souls » which were then hidden in three fortresses now forgotten.


The game begins in the Tristram Cathedral as Deckard Cain and his niece Leah are currently viewing ancient texts dealing with a strange prophecy. Suddenly, a mysterious star falling from the sky hits the cathedral creating a deep crater in which Cain disappears.

Shortly after, the player arrives in the village of New Tristram to investigate the collapse of the star. At the request of Leah, it found Cain in the crater and then discovers that the object fell from the sky is actually a man remembering nothing having lost his sword. It is being broken, the player seeks to reassemble the fragments. In his quest, he discovers the existence of an ancient race of humans called Nephalem after the union of angel and demon that he himself left. After defeating the witch Maghda henchmen, who also covets the fragments of the sword, the player manages to retrieve the sword fragments. Maghda then removes Cain and tries to force him to restore the sword to her but she is put to flight by uncontrolled powers Leah. On the verge of death, Cain uses his last strength to repair the sword and asks the player to abroad fell from the sky. After defeating the Butcher, a demon in the pay of Magdha, the player finds abroad and gave him the sword. This turns out to be the angel Tyrael who, disgusted by the lack of willingness of peers to protect humans, decided to become mortal and warn humanity of impending danger: the arrival in the world Sanctuary demons Belial, Lord of lies and Azmodan, lord of sin.

To avenge the death of Cain, the player goes to the city of Maghda Caldeum which happens to be under the influence of his master, Belial. After killing the witch, the player saves the mother of Leah, Adria, who reveals the existence of a black soul stone to imprison and destroy the lords of the underworld. To get the player resurrects an old Horadrim, Zoltun Kulle, who finished the development of the stone before attempting to seize it. The player then discovers the identity of Belial and killed in the palace before Caldeum imprison his soul in the stone. Leah then shows him a vision revealed to him qu’Asmodan launched his army from Mount Arreat in the hope of recovering the stone.

The player, accompanied by Tyrael, Adria and Leah, then travel to Donjon de la Redoute, the last bastion between Azmodan forces and the rest of the Sanctuary. After pushing the troops of the devil and destroyed his siege machines, the player manages to Mount Arreat where he defeated the lord of sin before trapping his soul in black stone. It was then that Adria betrays the player and takes the black stone containing the souls of the lords of hell. This shows that it is the balance of Diablo and Leah is in fact the daughter of the hero who defeated Diablo in Tristram before being possessed by it. Sacrificing his daughter, Adria Diablo back to life, one using the souls contained in the stone to become more powerful than ever. He left for Heaven.

The player, accompanied by Tyrael, Diablo continues to Paradise which was battered troops Diablo, it attempts to bribe directly to the source, the power crystal archangels. The player finally manages to stop and defeat the black stone while falling from heaven.

Game mode:

Unlike Diablo II, Diablo III can be played in multiplayer on battle.net servers from Blizzard Entertainment. However, the player can choose to explore the world of Diablo alone in denying access to the part of other players. Three clusters of servers are available for the game and are divided into the following geographic regions: Americas, Europe and Asia. On each server, player, identified by its Battle.net account can create up to ten characters.

The game is divided into four successive acts each corresponding to a region of the world of Diablo III and the end of which the player must defeat a particular demon before accessing the next act. In the first act, which takes place in the western kingdoms, such as the player must defeat before Boucher Caldeum to travel to where the second act begins. The majority of areas constituting each act, but also monsters and treasures that the player can find, are randomly generated and are different from one part to another. Some areas, however, remain unchanged from one party to another.

The backup system is similar to Diablo II, new creatures and treasures being generated at each new load of a party. However, the card remains the same and portals to different areas that the player has activated in the previous sections remain active. During the game the player is required to complete quests that may be given by some inhabitants of cities it passes, or it is assigned arriving in some areas. Some quests do not directly affect the progress of the story but still can receive rewards such as magic items or experience that will help in the main quest, they can also learn more about the universe of the game player has a quest log for him to know precisely the progress in the various quests.

Up to four players can be present simultaneously in a game.

The game has four difficulty levels: Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno. Each level is accessed when the player completes the game at lower difficulty. Each level provides more experience and more powerful than the previous level objects, but is populated by much stronger creatures. To increase the difficulty in multiplayer, it is also possible to create an extreme character that the player loses definitively if it dies. Note that the characters created in this fashion can not interact, whether in combat or for trade with the « normal » characters.


EFG: 8.2 / 10