Dofus is a role-play massively multiplayer online game developed and published by the French company Ankama Games. The client made with Adobe Flash technology (and the Adobe AIR technology for version 2.0) can participate in the game through a web browser, making it functional on most platforms such as Windows, Mac OS or Linux. After several months of beta testing, Dofus was released on 1 September 2004 in France.

Its success has led to the commercialization of products, such as books (manga, artbooks, BD European format, figurines, etc..) And the development of two continuations: Dofus Arena, a tactical online game solo, which was released in early 2006 in beta testing and released on 21 June 2010 in the final version is a variant of Dofus, more oriented towards direct competition between players; Wakfu is released February 29, 2012.

The Dofus 2.0 was released on December 2 20094. The craze for Dofus 2.0 is such that the first two French servers created for the official release were already booked a few hours after opening. A third server in the afternoon followed by a fourth and fenced off that day. A fifth server 2.0 was open Friday, December 4 at night, allowing Dofus to surpass the 200,000 simultaneous connections. June 18, 2010, all French servers was moved from version 1.29 to version 2.0 of Dofus, which allows all the French players access to version 2.0 with their characters in version 1.29. Dofus 2.2.0 was released in Japan on September 22, 2010. The last day of the current game version 2.13, more precisely the V2.13: there are more than 900 features called « success », in addition to other improvements characters and an extension to the common Wakfu, called « Krosmaster Arena ».

Dofus is the second online game the most used in the world with 40 million players.

Dofus is a role-playing game, players embody one or more characters. It includes a multitude of weapons and equipment of all kinds, twenty different trades and hundreds of monsters divided into different areas on 10,000 game levels (portions card on which one moves from Moreover as on a map) forming the world of Dofus, 95% are only available to subscribers.

The battle plays turn-on cards in varying sizes. Basically, each player can move all the boxes and use their action points (AP). Thereafter, its action points and movement points (MP) can be increased or decreased during the evolution of character levels or with certain equipment or spells. Outside of combat, the trips are free.

Each character is endowed with a (10,000 points) fixed energy bar. Losing a fight is accompanied by a de facto loss of energy. When a character loses all of its energy, it loses its status of being alive and changes avatar to become a ghost. He must perform a pilgrimage to reach a « Statue of Phoenix » where he can revive and regain some of its vital energy (1000 points). Energy can also be regained through potions made ​​at stake or when the person is offline.

Trade in the game are set with the currency Dofus Kama (symbol K is a doubly barred horizontally). However, it is still possible to barter for a scheme directly between two players.

The game is set in a medieval fantasy world for the ultimate quest will not be easy. This will not be the monsters that populate the dungeons of the vast country Amaknan, land ice Frigost, the « twopicale » Wabbit Island or bottomless bog that will tell you otherwise! In this epic fantasy, adventurers and meet spooky creatures and / or death, faithful allies and cunning enemies and even take part in the fierce struggle between the two major factions in the world of the Twelve, and Bonta Brâkmar. With a neutral faction Astrub.