Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is a video game developed by EA war Digital Illusions CE. This is a First-person shooter Thurs

When playing Battlefield 3 you do is play the campaign, multiplayer or co-op. Battlefield is different from other videogame wars because there are vehicle accessible to us when playing online, such as M1A2 Abrams tanks and other vehicles such as the F-35, all-terrain vehicles , and another helicopter. Which is different too, its the size of the maps and also being able to destroy any building. This is a game that if you play with friends it makes everything more fun. How to drive the vehicle is very simple and it makes the game even better.

This is a game that has a campaign not too long nor too difficult, but the little difficulter always be change. Battlefield 3 includes a fascinating campaign, because it allows us to see other countries that are in the real world like Paris, Amol, Tehran, New York and others. Also, when playing it does not always take the gun because sometimes they need to target target with a jet.

So why these Battlefield 3 is a great game because it has very nice graphics, sounds are good and the game is amazing and makes us feel as if were were actually in the action of the war.

– Walkthrough
– Easter Egg: Wake Island :
1-There is a miniature dinosaur on the beach south towards the interior of the island.
2-This is a plate of veterans of Battlefield 1942 and the music of this game, in the north of the island.
3-In a small village in the north of the island, there is a small hidden room with a spider drawing and text containing « spider » and designating a hole in the corner on the floor.


Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer                                                   Genres: First-person shooter

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox360, Playstation3, iOS    Critical: 9.8/10