Call of Duty: Black Ops 2


Call of Duty: Black Ops II is a video game type FPS developed by Treyarch and published by Activision in November 2012 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows, Wii U, as well as Mac (unofficial) 1.

End of November 2012, the game more than 11 million copies sold (dematerialized sales are not counted in this figure) 2.

Among other records, the license has broken the record revenue from the entertainment with a $ 500 million reported in 24 hours. Placing it at the forefront of the biggest launch of all time video game, just ahead of his predecessor, who had reported 300 million dollars3.

Early December 2012, Activision announced that it earned a billion dollars in two weeks of sales. This beats the record of Avatar who took 17 days to report the same amount and that of his predecessor, Modern Warfare 3, which had started 16 days. Call of Duty: Black Ops II is placed at the forefront of the work of the most profitable entertainment of all time.4.

David Mason and Mike Harper Woods go to Frank for questioning about Raul Menendez, head of Cordis Die. That’s when Woods, now in a wheelchair, 95 years old, tells the first story in flashback of Angola. Alex Mason, having fun with his son David, was recalled by Jason Hudson and the CIA to rescue Woods. These men are helped by an African leader, wanting to eliminate the MPLA. This indicates the position of Woods and therefore it is enclosed in a cargo by a Nicaraguan (ie Raul Menendez) where he became a lean body, nauseous. When Mason and Hudson Woods managed to save, they get attacked by a hind. After a struggle, Mason, Woods and Hudson go to a jungle village housing and a radio. Mason arrives to master the radio operator but he refused to obey him. This is Raul Menendez. Mason arrives to shoot part of his cheek and fled. They are rescued by a helicopter headed by Jonas Savimbi. Frank Woods is thus saved.


Menu gadgets, we find the new Tour Microwave (named Guardian), visible in the explosive new trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 or ASD, a mini-tank whose devastating players will this time choose to take control rather than be forced as it can indeed run on autopilot. But there will also escort drones, the Shield Assault or electric charge, a tactic that grenade planted in the ground like a knife, and an electrical charge is detonated nearby, electrifying a fraction of a second a surprised opponent. E-Sport, which will fill the players in tournaments on the Xbox 360, will play networking with players ranked in the level leagues. The Codcasting (combination of podcasting and CoD), a new class of spectator becomes a producer of shows and commentator with new tools will also be introduced in multi. Finally, two new game modes are available: the hardpoint and Multi-Team. For a maximum of 18 players in a game, so we can get up to 6 teams of 3 players. Call of Duty may well have seriously revised several of its bases, the first hours of the game are, it seems, always exciting.


Zombies mode, this time slightly different from the first game. Let the sets imply that the game would take place after this time Takeo, Dempsey, Nikolai and Richtofen have sent three rockets filled with « element 115 », chemical and nuclear weapons changing humans into zombies from Moon. 5 cards are currently disclosed (Deposit, Farm, City, Dinner and Power Plant, accessible only by Tranzit mode). Tranzit mode allows a party where the bus will allow players to go around 5 cards, access areas, helping build machines against the zombies. In addition to the 5 cards listed above, there are 3 small secret areas. The first two are in a cornfield (between cards and Farm Power Plant). One of these areas is an old map that can be found on Call of Duty: World at War (at the base) and Call of Duty: Black Ops, it is the map Nacht der Untoten, and to the other zone, it is an electricity pylon, essential place for the creation of the « Tower of Babel ». The third secret area is a small hut where there are hunting knife.

In City and Farm, a « fight » made its appearance. 2 teams (the CIA and CDC) of 4 players compete in the selected area (and therefore closed). Reaching the first team to eliminate his opponents wins the game. For this, they must ensure that the zombies are on the ground members of the opposing team, and the players must prevent their teammates down opponent the reanimate. Once 4 players down and eliminated (that is to say, « disappeared » in the map), the remaining players must survive the race to win. Otherwise, a « second chance » is given to the opposing team and then run again (the weapons are stored but not purchased assets).

In three cards accessible without bus mentioned above, the mode « Survival » is also available, where players (4 max.) Must survive without the Pack-a-Punch, or the box or one of the two (depending on whether the game is on Tranzit, City or Farm) without assets (or assets limited if the game is on or City Farm) and a limited selection of weapons on the walls.

The Zombies Nuketown map was distributed to people who bought versions of the game « Hardened » and « Prestige » or 8 people who bought the Season Pass9. The only mode available on this card is the survival, where the strengths and the Pack-a-Punch falls every 100 zombies killed (the remaining number being displayed on the panel partially destroyed « Welcome to Nuketown Zombies. » Caution, however, during the first hundreds of zombies killed, assets fall from sky (meteorite), but thereafter the assets fall randomly (still hundreds of zombies killed). During the game, players can also hear the characters mode of Black Ops zombies. Indeed, the secret music of Nuketown Zombies music is waiting Moon, audible voice then correspond to the part that is doing the players on Moon. missile falling kinematics end can be considered as one of the three rockets fired from Moon.

Mode: Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies    Platforms: Xbox360, PS3, PC, WiiU and MAC

Genre: First Person Shooter    Critical: 8/10