Gears of War: Judgement


After the trilogy, Microsoft did to license all the Gears of War figures imposed blockbusters, as fun film. Announced at the E3 show in June in Los Angeles, the shooter in the third person returns with Team Kilo, a leading squads engaged in the battle against the Locust.  The issue is important because Microsoft has struggled to stretch, often artificial life of its licenses headlights. The long saga of Halo episodes far from equal in quality, is a perfect example. But while some publishers, such as Electronic Arts, is trying to follow that distort the original game mechanics, designers can fly People have followed the outline of Gears of War, versions entertaining action films of the 1990s .  Judgment in the scenario follows the story of the team members Kilo, who argue their case before a military tribunal. This stage can vary, so malignant, views on history. Regulars Gears of War also know that bold choices are the hallmark of the series. In the third episode, for example, released in late 2011, a memorable sequence overlaps a fight scene against the Locust and a football game.