Halo Reach


Halo: Reach is a video game person shooter developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft. Officially unveiled at the Microsoft conference at E3 2009, the game was released in September 2010 worldwide exclusively on Xbox 360.

According to its developers, compared to the previous parts of the series, Halo: Reach offers a new visual rendering, thanks to a reworked graphics engine and a different design. Thus, the 3D models are composed of many more polygons, animations have been completely revised with a lot of motion capture, particle effects have multiplied, and textures have gained finesse. The technical implementation is intended neater than previous Halo components.

The game has a commercial success achieving $ 200 million in sales in one day, and after VG Chartz in March 2011, he would have sold 8 million copies of the game around the world.

Halo: Reach takes place in a world of science fiction falling on the year 2552, Shortly before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved was released in 2001. Humans and the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) HAS long Fought a coalition of alien races known as the Covenant. During the events of Halo: Reach, the human space colonies of majorité fell to the Covenant. The eponymous planet Reach is a planet Colonized, similar to Earth, Which houses the hand of the UNSC military infrastructure. In addition to the army, the colony is home to over 700 million civils.

The game follows the actions of Noble Team, a special unit composed of UNSC super-elite soldiers, the Spartans. The player controls a new recruit anonymous, identified by the code name of Noble Six (whose sex depends on the player’s choice). The team leader is Carter-A259 Noble. With his second, Kat-B320, they are the only members of Noble Team of origin. The team also includes three other soldiers: S052-Jorge, Emile-A239, and Jun-A266


Halo: Reach is a first person shooter (or FPS). The player Noble Six, a super soldier engaged in a war against an alien coalition, the Alliance Covenante. The gameplay is directly inspired by the first game in the series Halo: Combat Evolved. The character is equipped with a rechargeable energy shield that absorbs damage from weapons. When the energy shield is depleted (and he has not had time to recharge), damage directly affect the health of the person who suffered the damage. Once it reaches zero, the player restarts at the last backup. However, it is possible to find the maximum level of health using a health pack, the latter being disseminated in the levels of the game

In Halo 3, players could use power-ups offering him a temporary advantage defensive or offensive. The system hardware is reused in Halo: Reach but with modifications. These capabilities are reusable and interchangeable, seven in number: the jetpack, active camouflage, sprint, the shell which immobilizes the player but makes it invulnerable for a few seconds, not counting the hologram bubble curative and esquive8. In addition to these capabilities, ancient weapons (DMR battle rifle, assault rifle, etc..) Have been redesigned, to these are added new weapons


The multiplayer beta of the game was open to owners of Halo 3: ODST from May 3, 2010 and, for 17 days.

Halo: Reach can play 4 on a single Xbox 360 (split screen), LAN and online (up to 16 players) via the Xbox Live service. There are the standard multiplayer modes such as the Halo saga slayer and swat king of the hill as well as new game modes in headhunter (« headhunter » in French), when a player dies, he reveals a skull that other players can pick up and bring in a special area to score points. The player who manages to make the most of skulls in this area wins the round. Reserve mode is a variant of the capture the flag. In defense of generators, players embody is a Spartan, an elite elites must destroy the generators, while Spartans defend the charge. Finally, the mode is a mode of invasion game 6 against 6 in which the Spartans and Elites after the card must take control of territories before they can access a module they will report to their ship (Phantom for elites , Pelican for the Spartans). This method reveals vehicles over the progress and change of zone. In fact, this game mode does not use the entire map, but only a certain area, at the end of each round, players find themselves in a new area of ​​the map.

Other multiplayer modes are available such as the baptism of fire, which already appeared in Halo 3: ODST. This is for players to survive during several rounds waves of enemy aliens. However, compared to Halo 3: ODST, the baptism of fire is customizable. The player has the choice of enemies as well as their number. It can also play all Xbox Live subscribers (unlike ODST where it was only possible to play with their friends list). Variants are available as defense generators.

Forge level editor appeared with Halo 3, the game evolves can be used to modify the multiplayer maps and a large map called Forge World. Bungie has already used this map to create variants available with the game forge tools have been improved. The decorative elements (walls, stairs, platforms, etc..) Can now be built on them or the decor and it is possible to change their orientation. We can return them or put them through

Mode: Campaign, Online, Fire fight    Platforms: Xbox360

Genre: First-Person Shooter    Critical: 9.2/10