Homefront is a first-person shooter video game developed by Kaos Studio, announced during the 2010’s E3 2009 and then postponed to 2011. The game was released in March 2011 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. On Playstation 3, the game is subject to many crashes, so much so that it is impossible to carry out all the single player missions completed. Although THQ has been informed of these elements, patch or no patch is available for the moment. In 2012, Kim Jong-Il dies and his son, Kim Jong-Un, succeeds him. The following year he invaded South Korea and meets under the name « Great Republic Korea » (« Greater Korean Republic » in English). Meanwhile, in 2015, a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran leads to the destruction of a significant portion of global oil reserves and force the United States to withdraw their fleets in the Pacific, North Korea enjoying submit to Japan. In 2025, North Korea launched a bomb on IEM United States, whose military power was reduced by the lack of oil, and finished by envahire.

The game takes place in the city of Montrose, in 2027. The player controls a helicopter pilot, Robert Brooks, who tries to hide Koreans, but gets stopped by « 718 » Korean (assumed to be equivalent to the SS WWII). During his transfer to a concentration camp, local resistance releases. The player must complete a series of missions that lead him to join the armed forces at its resistant American-offensive against Los Angeles.


The gameplay is inspired and based on the last game Kaos Studios Frontlines: Fuel of War. Number of Consoles + magazine July-August 2009 wrote that « seldom occurs at a stage as little advanced as we returned the brain after trying a version of » what the game yet. ‘ »This is thanks to a new technology be used by the game engine that would give a sense of immersion unusual: Drama Engine, which is to focus action on the player like a magnet. Thus, when a rocket takes us on a Jeep bearing down, the force of the blast will waltz the vehicle automatically in our direction to accentuate stress.


The multiplayer HOMEFRONT can play 16, 24 or 32 players. Both teams are named either USA or APC. You unlock the As levels of new weapons, new skills, new vehicles like the M1 Abrams Tank in the game is named scout tank. In 32 players, the game is to capture flags labeled A, B and C.

Mode: Campaign, Multiplayer    Platforms: PS3, Xbox360, Windows

Genre: First-person Shooter    Critical: 6.5/10